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Dwint Family Health Care NP,  PLLC

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Broo‚Äčklyn, NY 11225                                        Forest Hills, NY 11375

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April is National Minority Health Month:take responsibility for your health and the health of your community: Support public and private initiatives that guarantee equal healthcare access and treatment, regardless of race, culture, or belief system.

Posted on 26 April, 2015 at 14:19

Though health indicators such as life expectancy and infant mortality have improved for most Americans, some minorities experience a disproportionate burden of preventable disease, death, and disability compared with non-minorities.

Despite our country’s progress towards ending health disparities(differences in the quality of health care that are not due to access-related factors or clinical needs, preferences or appropriateness of interventions which systematically and negatively impact less advantaged groups),racial and ethnic minorities continue to face significant health disparities.

Minority health is about everyone: 

  • Health care providers, 
  • Social service organizations,
  •  Industries 
  • Faith-based organizations, 
  • Schools, 
  • policy makers and individuals getting involved. 

Together through our collective efforts we can accelerate momentum towards achieving a nation free of disparities in health and health care.​ A society that has access and uses good quality health services is more likely to enjoy better health than one that doesn't

We urge the minority community to practice healthy behaviors, participate in health awareness activities and help someone else along the way to do the same.

Learn how the Affordable Care Act helps you and your family stay healthy:

  • Get information about when and where you can enroll in affordable health coverage.
  • Understand key features of the law, including many new insurance choices and rights.

  • Learn about how the law funds more community health centers to provide care when and where you need it.

Take responsibility for your health and the health of your community.

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